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The SNODAY™ brand: a local success story

Two Pine produces three beverages under the SNODAY™ brand: Vodka, Single Malt Whisky and Gin. All are premium craft spirits, distilled from the finest Canadian grains and manufactured to the highest craft standards.



This velvety vodka is handcrafted and distilled in small batches of select Canadian grain. Smooth and silky with a buttery finish, this ultra-pure 100% Canadian Vodka is best served cold and is the perfect end to a great day in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.


40% ABV  |  750 ml  |  375 ml

SNODAY™ Single Malt


SNODAY™ Single Malt is smooth, bold and complex. Notes of honey, spice, and butterscotch open to a distinct sweetness. Unbelievably mature in nature with a mahogany color; the SNODAY™ Single Malt Spirit is mature beyond its days.


Finished in a shaved toasted re-charred red wine barrique. It has been proofed to an ABV of 50%.


This expression is a true delight that illuminates your senses, is highly engaging and hugely rewarding as a single malt spirit. Meant to be enjoyed in moderation and in celebration of all your adventures in your relentless search for new flavour experiences.


750 ml            


250 entries in multiple categories from all over the world SNODAY was entered in the Contemporary Division and won the GOLD.


SNODAY™ GIN is a CITRUS BOMB for the senses. Handcrafted and distilled in small batches of select Canadian grains, with our distinctive citrus and classic GIN botanicals. SNODAY™ GIN is your new favorite on the rocks sipped straight or as a cocktail. 45% ABV

750 ml  |   375 ml

SNODAY™ Gold Gin 

Hand crafted in small batches, distilled from select premium grain, citrus and botanicals and gently matured in the empty barriques previously used to craft our SNODAY™ Single Malt Spirit.

The result is a delicious juniper and citrus palate, with spicy notes and hints of apricot. SNODAY™ Gold Gin can be delightfully served over ice or with your favorite tonic.


45% ABV  |  750 mL


2020 Alberta Beverage Awards - Judges selection

2020 Gin Masters (Contemporary) – Gold

2020 Nordic Spirit Awards – Bronze

2020 China Wine and Spirits Awards – Gold

2020 Alberta Beverage Awards - Judges selection

2020 Nordic Spirit Awards – Best in Class

2020 China Wine and Spirits Awards – Gold

2020 Nordic Spirit Awards – Gold

CWSA_Silver_Medal_Spirit_Awards_2020 copy.png

2020 Alberta Beverage Awards - Judges selection

2021 Nordic Spirit Awards – Silver

2020 China Wine and Spirits Awards – Silver

2019 Alberta Beverage Awards - Judges selection

Bar line up.jpg
SNODAY single malt on barrel_small_award


small batch | glacier fed | craft spirits

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